Magic of Chaos

Mana burnAlthough Chaos gods have been locked away from Altea, some powerful chaos creatures (such as dragons) are able to use chaos magic as their innate ability. The chaotic energy can also be accessed by lesser creatures by momentous weakening of the barrier between worlds which allows them to tap onto power of chaos gods. However, such invocation of power is very dangerous and requires the chaos mage to fuel spells with his own body and soul.

Mechanics: Arcane background (Chaos magic)
Arcane skill: Invocation (Spirit)
Initial power points: 10
Initial powers: 3
Special: This kind of magic uses special rule set from Savagepedia
Mana Burn: is the damage a caster takes as he casts his spells.
Mana: is the amount of magical toughness the caster has, is used to resist taking the Mana Burn damage Mana = 2 + (1/2 Smarts die type).

Once you take the damage, if you need to soak it (by spending a benny) you roll your Spirit in place of Vigor. Also any roll on the K.O table from Mana Burn is a Spirit roll instead of a Vigor one.

Mana Burn damage is non-lethal damage, except that the spellcaster can make a natural healing roll once per hour to recover from it.

Determining Mana Burn Damage:
Spell’s Rank
Mana Burn
Novice – 2d4
Seasoned – 2d6
Veteran – 2d8
Heroic – 2d10
Legendary – 2d12
+1 die type per bump in power.

Blast does a base amount of 2d6 Mana Burn [MB], adding another die of damage increases it by one die type to 2d8 [MB] and making it do the extra die of damage and large template increases the [MB] to 2d10.

Bolt is a unique spell in it can actualy be 3 spell castings at once. For bolt use 2d4 [MB] since it is a Novice spell that goes up to 2d6 [MB] when doing the extra die of damage. For multiple Bolts you take multiple instances of Mana Burn; for example, casting three 3d6-damage bolts would result in three 2d6 [MB] rolls for the caster.

Spell Casting Failure: Take the [MB] damage as normal but spell fails to go off.
Spell Casting Snake Eyes: Take an additional 1d6 [MB] damage.

Changes to Core Book Edges with this system:
Power Surge: The caster is immune to [MB] damage in any round he draws a Joker.
Wizard: For each Raise on your spellcasting roll you suffer 3 less damage from [MB] for casting that spell.
Holy/Unholy Warrior: Invoking this power causes 2d4 [MB].
Power Points: +1 Mana every time this Edge is taken (the normal limit that you can only take this Edge once per rank still applies)
Rapid Recharge: Make a natural healing roll to recover from [MB] once every 30 minutes.
Improved Rapid Recharge: Make a natural healing roll to recover from [MB] once every 15 minutes.
Soul Drain: This Edge no longer exists; all magic is taxing to the body and spirit.

Longer durations and extended casting rules.

First change all durations to Spirit die type/rounds.
Since Smarts is used for range use Spirit here. (anyone with a spell effect on them has a count down die of the correct type and just lowers one number everytime it’s their action).

Second, extended casting rules.
If a caster takes one minute to cast a spell, the duration is measured in minutes.
If a casters takes one hour to cast a spell, the duration is measured in hours.

Spell maintance is not used in this system.

New Item: Talismans
A talisman is a spell focus used to channel magical energy through. It could be a Holy Symbol, Wizard’s Staff, Wand, Amulet, etc…the type of item is not important. The talisman has a rating 1-3 (I use a 1-5 scale for armor so 1-5 for my home game talismans) which acts like armor from Mana Burn damage. The cost and means to acquire said talismans of different ratings depends on the campaign world.

Magic of Chaos

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