associated with the element of water and ice, descendants of celestials Frean warrior

Characteristics: strong, loyal, proud, reserved, cold, emotionless

Freans resemble ice statues of powerful humans, they seem clumsy but each move bears great strength. They are proud and powerful warriors. Although they don’t talk much, they as intelligent as other races, thank to their cold, analytical minds. Freans are also known to have an affinity for cold-based nature magic.

Racial traits: fire vulnerability, + 1 armor, shape body (can shape hands into simple weapon (Str+d6 dmg) or shield (+1 parry), requires several minutes of concentration), +2 to cold resistance tests, +1 to survival in cold terrain
Common hindrances: Overcondifent, socially withdrawn (same as mean)
Common characters: Warden, Winterblade, shaman


Altea Krackus